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About Us

Who We Are

Global Health is an international consultancy firm specialized in the field of healthcare and heath projects that seeks to advise and empower governments, donors, development and humanitarian actors to deliver effectively and efficiently the desired results in their work in the healthcare sector. We are committed to building the capacities of individuals and organizations through provision of professional consultancy services and trainings. We provide a service of uncompromising competence, tenacious integrity, and an in-depth local understanding of the American and African context, enriched by a culture of delivery from technical capacity and underpinned by a socially aware ethos.

Our Focus

Our work focuses on improving population health through expert research and data analysis, project design and evaluation, health communication, advocacy and training. 

We provide ready access to technical leadership, training, and expertise in the development and implementation of Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) strategies to address the needs of behavior change related to Reproductive Health and Family Planning (RH/FP); malaria; maternal, neonatal, Tuberculosis, HIV, Infectious Diseases, and child health (MNCH); nutrition; water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH)

Our Commitments

As strategic advisors to governments, donors and development organizations in various countries across Africa and America, we design strategic frameworks, healthcare project delivery models, communication action plans, conduct training needs analysis, supervise health transformation initiatives, carry out monitoring and evaluation as well as impact assessment

We are sold out to providing the technical skills and advisory services from programming to management aimed at sustainable and significant health outcomes. We are strongly committed to providing support to projects and programs to ensure health and development is accessible to all.

Our Vision

To be a leading international healthcare consulting firm providing wide range of specialized, innovative and strategic services to our clients in a professional and inclusive manner.

Our Mission

To help government development and humanitarian partners enhance efficiency and effectiveness for improved performance, accountability and return of Investments on health initiatives in relation to their vision, mission, objectives and context.

Our Core Values

Global Health is established as a RESULTs-oriented organization via our peerless cooperate culture of:

  • R- Reliability
  • E- Excellence
  • S- Innovative Solutions
  • U-Uncompromising competence
  • L- Life-Long Learning
  • T- Team Work

Our culture also espouses Integrity, equity, social justice, honesty, Quality, inclusive participation, professionalism and accountability.

Our Aims and Objectives

We exist to:

  • To provide technical leadership, training, and expertise in the development and implementation of social and behavioural change communication (SBCC) strategies to address the needs of behaviour change related to reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP); malaria; maternal, neonatal, Tuberculosis, HIV, Infectious Diseases, and child health (MNCH); nutrition; water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).
  • To help monitor and evaluate implementation of pubic sector and private sector population healthcare initiatives, projects and programmes.
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  • To Identify technical assistance needs and training resources among project staff, partners, government counterparts, and beneficiaries and coordinate technical assistance provision
  • Promote sustainability of project activities with effective networking, coordination, and linkages to other programs, partners, and counterparts; capacity building of project staff; and institutional strengthening of implementing partners and community-based organizations.
  • To provide technical support in the development, and implementation, including the evaluation of public health programs for government, and non-government agencies.
  • To render advisory services on the realization of long- and short-term goals of the SHARP Mission and that of government partners including the achievement of SDGs as relating to healthcare.
  • To Provide and manage health education programs that help individuals, families, and their communities maximize and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Our Statement of Quality

We ensure that our human capital, processes and procedures adhere to the quality standards of excellence;

We are committed to continuous improvement of our training and consultancy services by learning and benchmarking against internationally tested and trusted best practices.


Our Team

We have excellent human resources, an exceptional network, international experience, and know-how. Consultancy assignments are undertaken by a team of experienced professionals including researchers, development experts, humanitarian experts, management and institutional development experts who form the core group of Global Health staff.

The Team is led by Dr. Martins Nnoko, a seasoned doctor of public health with vast experience spanning the New York City Department of Health, Bureau of Tuberculosis under the leadership of the former Director of CDC,  Dr. Frieden.

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